Hi…I guess I should start with a little intro, shouldn’t I? Well, my name is Brianna McClain and as of this moment I am 19 years old and going to K-State Polytechnic Campus studying Digital Media Technology. My favorite color is black, my favorite animals are cats, my favorite food is sesame chicken from Imperial Garden, my favorite movie is Hannibal Rising, my favorite genre of music is Rock or more specifically Classic Rock, my favorite video game is Shadow of the Colossus, and my favorite TV show series is Star Trek. I love learning new things that I am interested in, for example right now I am trying to learn how to speak Korean. My life goals are to be able to speak Korean and Japanese, to have a bathtub that I can fit my whole body in, and to make enough money to be able to afford a hot butler. My special talents include making any situation or conversation awkward, being able to untie knots, I can say “thank you” and “You’re Welcome” in five different languages, and I can play five instruments. I can play the clarinet, tenor saxophone, ukulele, piano, and harmonica. I also sing on occasion, and that occasion is when I am in my car…..ALONE. My hobbies include sleeping, eating, and browsing the internet for dank memes. I used to be a competitive swimmer. I was on the swim team for 11 years and when I graduated high school I had to quit since the team goes from grades 1-12. People often tell me I look younger than I actually am. It happens so often it doesn’t even bother me anymore. Education is very important to me. My favorite sound is my parents telling me that they are proud of me. I have one older brother named Nolan. He 26 and is a Veterinarian who is also going to get married soon. I have four pets that I love very much. I have two cats named Waldo and Cookie, a dog named Trixie, and a Leopard Gecko named Mrs. Jeffery. Her name used to be Jeffery because you can’t tell a gecko’s gender until they are and adult so we didn’t find out she was a girl until later, so now it is Mrs. Jeffery. That is about all I can think of right now…so there were a few facts about me….


Weekly Summary 01

I guess you could say this was the first week of class for the Fall 2016 semester. We didn’t really do much…as in learning wise. It was basically a welcome back week. We were introduced to the class on Tuesday and then we recorded sayings for a anniversary even on Thursday. Nothing too hard just yet. When I worked on the Bootcamp thing I basically took my website from last year and redid it to make it better and then did then assignments. I was confused on #5 of introducing yourself to the class through social media?? I decided I would come back to it later after I ask about it. I continued in creating my internet story and now I am writing this weekly summary. So, as for week 01, I’m not stressed just yet.

Internet Story:      My Internet Story

To Be Continued