Weekly Summary 11

This week was a pretty light load. We were just meant to finish our documentary and 2 daily creates that you can see below. Very short week, I know, but to be continued next week.

The Lemon Poem

Sidewalk crack art 

Also, here is the Documentary we did.


Rizzo Documentary

For this assignment, Mini Documentary, we were meant to make just like what it sounds, a mini documentary. You were also meant to do someone not in your family, and not one of your friends. First, rude. Second, what stranger wants to tell another stranger their story? Now don’t get me wrong, I did try a LOT of people. I tried both of my bosses at the zoo, they both said no. I tried some old neighbor lady, she said no, doesn’t want to be on camera. In the end I ended up doing an old coworker and old classmate of mine. Sure we were “friends”, but not that good of friends. I didn’t really know much about her other than talking at work, or we had Expos Writing last year and that’s it. Anyway, I asked if she could do a sad or brave story for me, and thank the great God above that she said okay. She ended up doing a sad/brave story about an event that happened to her dog named Rizzo. Here is what I did:

First, I have shown a couple of people for some criticism and they all made the same comments. First, YES, for the shot of her house I meant to have a shaky camera effect!! It’s not that I didn’t have a tripod, I just wanted the shot to be shaky. Second, the music in the background was a little loud to hear her. I did go back and tried to fix it so hopefully you can hear her now.

Now, I used my families Canon camera to film this. Then once I got all the footage I used my laptop’s iMovie to edit it all together. The background music is explained in the description of the original video on YouTube. BUT to save you time I used a girls named Reynah’s video which you can also see here.

Weekly Summary 10

This week was all about video, and that is what I am finally glad about. I’m glad that we are finally getting to some of the reason why I came to this college, along with the majority of the class. This week we watched the documentary “The Winnebago Man” in class, which I gave my review of the film here. My assignment bank activities include me doing Chipmunk Style, and DS106ers React. Chipmunk Style was when you were meant to take a favorite movie or TV scene and make the sound high pitched like a chipmunk. The react one is just what it sounds like, you were meant to record yourself reacting to a video, aaaaand I cringe at mine every time I see it….ugh…

On twitter this week, I did two daily creates that you can see here:

Finishing the Story

Describing a word that doesn’t exist in English

This week we were also meant to work on our mini-documentary that is due next week, and it wasn’t supposed to be a family member or a close friend….like….how?? I asked several people who met the criteria and they all said no. I asked both of my bosses and they said no. I asked several classmates and they said no…SO I decided to go with an old coworker of mine, as well as classmate. To Be Continued next week on the documentary.


I quite enjoyed the movie “The Winnebago Man”! Mostly to the part that I had already seen Winnebago man video online a number of years a go and I loved it then. Now it only reminded me how much I loved the video. I was nice to see what the man, Jack Rebney, was up to. I was a little confused on why he was so nice when the guy who made the documentary came to his house the first time. Then I was delighted when he said that the person he displayed was not the real him. I preferred the swearing grumpy old man like I game to love the first time.

Now, on to discussing how the film actually looked. I liked how a lot of the film on Jack was outside, because I couldn’t imagine there being much light in the small little house that Jack had. I also saw that there was one scene where someone was using a orange or gold reflective thing? I thought that was a good thing to have to reflect what light that there was outside. I thought that the construction of this film was also great. I didn’t get too boring at any point, and The whole thing made sense. I love all the side shots, or the environmental shots to show where the people were at.

I also thought that it is a good idea that the guy, whose name escapes me, who made this film asked the people that he met during his researching time to be in the film as well. It gets boring when you just have one person in your almost 2 hour film. And finally, I enjoyed the dialogue in the film. No just because Jack always spices it up with his word choice, but for the fact that it didn’t get too boring…at times. There were times where I was extremely bored, but then Jack would come back at it and cheer me up.

The only problem I really had besides some of the dialogue was that they showed the original Winnebago Man video a LOT. Like it was funny for the first 10 times but then they just kept showing the same scenes. Like I already saw the original video, and then I saw it again the billion times it was shown in the film.

Overall, I think they did an amazing job, and that is probably why the got so much credit and attention from it. It was a great film!

*Insert Creative Title Here*

In this assignment, Chipmunk Style, the objective of the assignment was to take one of your favorite scenes from a show or movie, or something and change the pitch so it would sound like they are chipmunks. I chose the scene from my second favorite, The Proposal, the scene where they are dancing in the woods. Probably the funniest scene from that movie actually. Anyway, here it is….Also, I put subtitles on the video, so I would highly encourage you to turn on the closed captions button or the CC button.

The video quality might be suffering a bit since the video quality wasn’t that great to begin with… As for editing wise I downloaded the video and then the audio to the video. I changed the pitch on a pitch changing website and then downloaded that. THEN, in iMovie I imported the video and cut the audio out. Finally, I placed the changed pitch audio in the original audio’s place, and then here I am typing about what I did…

Cringe Town…

In this assigment, DS106ers React,  the objective of the assignment was to record yourself reacting to a video. Reaction videos are becoming really popular online. Even I am subscribed to a few! It kind of feels like you are watching a video with someone, or for me usually I like to see how other people reacted to a video. Did they react the same as me? Anyway, for this video I searched up what the most popular video to react to was, and it was “Ultimate Dank Memes Compilation #2“. Enjoy this video of me reacting to it. I cringe every time I watch it.

On how I edited the video, I used iMovie and placed the original video in the corner with “Picture over Picture” Mode… not much but yeahhhhhhhhh cringe

My Thoughts? (Weekly Summary 09)

For this week’s summary, I didn’t really create much, I more of reflected on what our class created. This week, we had our radio show broadcasted on ds106 radio! It was along with other students works which I really enjoyed! I liked hearing what the other students got to do! While we were listening to the broadcast we had a live tweeting session which I also enjoyed. It was like a chat room kind of. I had never done a live tweeting session before so it was really fun. I also would link it in this blog post but I’m afraid that there are too many tweets to link haha! I liked making our radio show, because ours was basically one topic or one show rather than the other student’s work where it was multiple parts that confused me on what they were about. However, I thought that the students that had the “call in” effects was cool!

A summary of my whole experience of listening to the show was having my thumb on the volume control the entire time. I also went on air during the show, which was alright. I tired to go on my phone, aaaaand then it died…story of my life….

Other things that happened this week were that I did three daily creates! I think I quite enjoyed these creates!

And that pretty much wraps up this week! See you in the next summary!