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Weekly Summary 12

This week was all about Mashups, and doing Mashup assignments.

First, I made a video where I took two songs and mashed them together (The “ABC” Savage Mashup). Then, I Photoshopped a mashup of all my favorite sports teams (Royals, Nets, and Wildcats..oh my). And then finally I took a video that was not originally in english and put made up english subtitles on it (Misheard).

Second, this week we needed to make a tutorial on a project that we have done or did this week. I decided to make a tutorial on how I made my A Reversed Cookie project. I actually more of made a tutorial on how to reverse a video in iMovie (How to Reverse a video on Mac in 6 Easy Steps (With Photos))

For my daily creates this week I did Batman in the White House , and made a still life with red items.


Weekly Summary 10

This week was all about video, and that is what I am finally glad about. I’m glad that we are finally getting to some of the reason why I came to this college, along with the majority of the class. This week we watched the documentary “The Winnebago Man” in class, which I gave my review of the film here. My assignment bank activities include me doing Chipmunk Style, and DS106ers React. Chipmunk Style was when you were meant to take a favorite movie or TV scene and make the sound high pitched like a chipmunk. The react one is just what it sounds like, you were meant to record yourself reacting to a video, aaaaand I cringe at mine every time I see it….ugh…

On twitter this week, I did two daily creates that you can see here:

Finishing the Story

Describing a word that doesn’t exist in English

This week we were also meant to work on our mini-documentary that is due next week, and it wasn’t supposed to be a family member or a close friend….like….how?? I asked several people who met the criteria and they all said no. I asked both of my bosses and they said no. I asked several classmates and they said no…SO I decided to go with an old coworker of mine, as well as classmate. To Be Continued next week on the documentary.

My Thoughts? (Weekly Summary 09)

For this week’s summary, I didn’t really create much, I more of reflected on what our class created. This week, we had our radio show broadcasted on ds106 radio! It was along with other students works which I really enjoyed! I liked hearing what the other students got to do! While we were listening to the broadcast we had a live tweeting session which I also enjoyed. It was like a chat room kind of. I had never done a live tweeting session before so it was really fun. I also would link it in this blog post but I’m afraid that there are too many tweets to link haha! I liked making our radio show, because ours was basically one topic or one show rather than the other student’s work where it was multiple parts that confused me on what they were about. However, I thought that the students that had the “call in” effects was cool!

A summary of my whole experience of listening to the show was having my thumb on the volume control the entire time. I also went on air during the show, which was alright. I tired to go on my phone, aaaaand then it died…story of my life….

Other things that happened this week were that I did three daily creates! I think I quite enjoyed these creates!

And that pretty much wraps up this week! See you in the next summary!

Radio Show Part II (Weekly Summary 08)

This week we concluded our radio show, and we are going to have it broadcasted on DS106 radio! I don’t know the specific times yet, but I’m guessing we’ll find out. I really like our ( or Bill’s idea rather) of us doing basically a podcast of “Ask A Millennial”. For that is something I know quite a lot about, me being a millennial and all. This week was a real short one on the designing and making things side. Anyway, can’t wait for the radio show, and here are the daily creates for this week.

Birds with Arms

Create a Photograph in Words

GIF it Up

Radio Show “Progress” Report (Week 07)

This is getting close to the end of week one of our Radio Show and I am supposed to be giving an update to how that is going….pretty sure that we (as in the class) hasn’t actually recorded anything for our 5-7 minutes of material, but I’m sure that now that we have our ideas somewhat figured out then the rest will come later.

For the things that I did this week, we got a few things. I remade a genre in the assignment Remake That Genre! from the assignment bank. Other entries from the assignment bank include,  Covers By Different Artists- Same Song, and I also collaborated with Justin on making a radio bumper for our show!

I also made a bumper sticker to promote Ds106 radio that someone could put on their car if they printed it out.

And last but not least, I was told to focus on commenting on people’s tweets or blog posts or really anything related to ds106. So I made 12 different comments that I gathered into a different blog post that you can see here.

Now, on to week two of the Radio Show Project!

Weekly Summary 06

I know I say this every week, but I didn’t really have a lot of time this week. Maybe I’m just a busy person in general, and have a lot of other stuff to do, who knows. Anyway, instead of just complaining on how I don’t even have time to breathe, let’s just get right into it.

For my 10 stars this week, I started off with “making” a poster for an even that is coming up. I mean, I already made the poster ahead of time, but my post goes more into detail about that. Next, I took one of my all time favorite movies, took a quote from the movie and then put that quote over a picture from the movie. My favorite movie that I used is “Hannibal Rising.” And finally, I made an image to represent a famous song. I’m not going to say what the song is, because I’m pretty sure everyone can figure it out…

This week I also went out and had a “DesignBlitz.” I don’t know why I don’t like the word “Blitz” so much…it just feels gross to me. Anyway, I went out and found/took some pictures that did and didn’t represent the design elements. I actually found it hard to find pictures that didn’t represent anything. Everything has at least one.

In the twitter world this week, I only got two done this week. I made my friend, Mike, look like he was from an old time picture even though he was playing video games on his PC. And then for the second one, I gave my input to who Chris Thomas really looks like.

That is all for this week, people keep telling me to stop procrastinating, but the thing is, I DON’T. I start at the beginning of the week like usual and then somehow always at the end of the week I still have TOO much work to do. Anyway, this was my week six.