For this project, the assignment I chose to go with was the “Impress Me” route, where the assignment was to simply impress my professor. It took a while to actually think of what I wanted to do. To be honest I went to youtube to look for inspiration. My inspiration for this project comes from Andrew Huang. He makes a lot of genres of music with a lot of different instruments, including things that aren’t instruments like pants and balloons. I thought of what I could use in my dorm room to make a song, and then thought it might be a little too challenging to use non instrumental things. So, it is a good thing I just had a ukulele just in my room to use. I decided on doing the Lost Woods song from the Legend of Zelda franchise because I actually already know how to play that song without all of the jump cuts. So, how I recorded it was I just played the song REALLY freaking slow and then chopped it all up. Now here is the finished project!

The way I made this was using the basic software because I really haven’t gotten around actually buying any software because I could still make the project just fine while using the basic software. Anyway, I used a mixture of iMovie (for the visuals) and GarageBand (for the audio….obviously)

I first recorded myself playing the song (and other parts of the song) and then loaded it onto my computer. Then I used iMovie to cut it down to what footage I actually wanted. Then I tried to match the ukulele with the original song tempo and such (In GarageBand….obviously). THEN, I went back to iMovie and then tried to match up the footage with the sounds. The only thing that I dislike about iMovie is that it only allows you to have two videos going at the same time…So I tried to get the most out of it. I still think it came out okay for not really having experience doing something like this before. All in all I had a great time making this final project!


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