Weekly Summary 12

This week was all about Mashups, and doing Mashup assignments.

First, I made a video where I took two songs and mashed them together (The “ABC” Savage Mashup). Then, I Photoshopped a mashup of all my favorite sports teams (Royals, Nets, and Wildcats..oh my). And then finally I took a video that was not originally in english and put made up english subtitles on it (Misheard).

Second, this week we needed to make a tutorial on a project that we have done or did this week. I decided to make a tutorial on how I made my A Reversed Cookie project. I actually more of made a tutorial on how to reverse a video in iMovie (How to Reverse a video on Mac in 6 Easy Steps (With Photos))

For my daily creates this week I did Batman in the White House , and made a still life with red items.


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