Weekly Summary 10

This week was all about video, and that is what I am finally glad about. I’m glad that we are finally getting to some of the reason why I came to this college, along with the majority of the class. This week we watched the documentary “The Winnebago Man” in class, which I gave my review of the film here. My assignment bank activities include me doing Chipmunk Style, and DS106ers React. Chipmunk Style was when you were meant to take a favorite movie or TV scene and make the sound high pitched like a chipmunk. The react one is just what it sounds like, you were meant to record yourself reacting to a video, aaaaand I cringe at mine every time I see it….ugh…

On twitter this week, I did two daily creates that you can see here:

Finishing the Story

Describing a word that doesn’t exist in English

This week we were also meant to work on our mini-documentary that is due next week, and it wasn’t supposed to be a family member or a close friend….like….how?? I asked several people who met the criteria and they all said no. I asked both of my bosses and they said no. I asked several classmates and they said no…SO I decided to go with an old coworker of mine, as well as classmate. To Be Continued next week on the documentary.


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