I quite enjoyed the movie “The Winnebago Man”! Mostly to the part that I had already seen Winnebago man video online a number of years a go and I loved it then. Now it only reminded me how much I loved the video. I was nice to see what the man, Jack Rebney, was up to. I was a little confused on why he was so nice when the guy who made the documentary came to his house the first time. Then I was delighted when he said that the person he displayed was not the real him. I preferred the swearing grumpy old man like I game to love the first time.

Now, on to discussing how the film actually looked. I liked how a lot of the film on Jack was outside, because I couldn’t imagine there being much light in the small little house that Jack had. I also saw that there was one scene where someone was using a orange or gold reflective thing? I thought that was a good thing to have to reflect what light that there was outside. I thought that the construction of this film was also great. I didn’t get too boring at any point, and The whole thing made sense. I love all the side shots, or the environmental shots to show where the people were at.

I also thought that it is a good idea that the guy, whose name escapes me, who made this film asked the people that he met during his researching time to be in the film as well. It gets boring when you just have one person in your almost 2 hour film. And finally, I enjoyed the dialogue in the film. No just because Jack always spices it up with his word choice, but for the fact that it didn’t get too boring…at times. There were times where I was extremely bored, but then Jack would come back at it and cheer me up.

The only problem I really had besides some of the dialogue was that they showed the original Winnebago Man video a LOT. Like it was funny for the first 10 times but then they just kept showing the same scenes. Like I already saw the original video, and then I saw it again the billion times it was shown in the film.

Overall, I think they did an amazing job, and that is probably why the got so much credit and attention from it. It was a great film!


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