Radio Show “Progress” Report (Week 07)

This is getting close to the end of week one of our Radio Show and I am supposed to be giving an update to how that is going….pretty sure that we (as in the class) hasn’t actually recorded anything for our 5-7 minutes of material, but I’m sure that now that we have our ideas somewhat figured out then the rest will come later.

For the things that I did this week, we got a few things. I remade a genre in the assignment Remake That Genre! from the assignment bank. Other entries from the assignment bank include,  Covers By Different Artists- Same Song, and I also collaborated with Justin on making a radio bumper for our show!

I also made a bumper sticker to promote Ds106 radio that someone could put on their car if they printed it out.

And last but not least, I was told to focus on commenting on people’s tweets or blog posts or really anything related to ds106. So I made 12 different comments that I gathered into a different blog post that you can see here.

Now, on to week two of the Radio Show Project!


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