Same Song, Same Thing

For this assignment, Covers By Different Artists- Same Song, we are meant to create a mash-up of a song that has been made into a cover by someone. The best and my most favorite example to use for this is “Tainted Love”. People think that Soft Cell where the first to sing this. Even though they were the ones to make it popular, they just did a cover of “Tainted Love.” Even Marilyn Manson has done a cover of this song! However the true original artist to sing this song is Gloria Jones in 1964, then Soft Cell covered it in 1981, and finally Marilyn Manson covered it again in 2001. Even though, I did not create this mash-up, it is basically the same thing that I was going to make. I wanted to see if anyone else made the same mash-up and it looks like “Pancake Dad” beat me to it! Anyway, enjoy this mash-up of all three versions, and be sure to listen to all three versions, for they are very different from one another!


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