What Single is This?

For the assignment, Name That Single, the action was to “Create a design for a favorite song by using just simple designs and NO WORDS.” Which I wouldn’t think would be too hard to do. I have plenty of favorite songs, I thought. I thought wrong. It took me forever to finally pick a song. But can you guess what song it is?


If you don’t get this…what? How do you not get this…ANYWAY I made this in Illustrator. I got a clip art from google and then used the pen tool to make the “Hotel” and make selections to make the image not have words anymore. For the “California part, I searched for and outline of California and then I used “Image Trace” and “Expand” so I could put a thicker stroke around it. I also put a faint shadow behind both images since it looked kind of flat. And that’s it, here I am typing on what I did.


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