Rocket Lan

For this assignment, Event Advertising, we had to create a poster advertising an upcoming event. Since I already do this a lot, I thought I would just put a poster that I have already made for an upcoming event. You see, I am an “officer” of the KGB (K-State Gaming Board) and I am the Digital Media person. So, basically my job is to be the person who makes the posters and be the DJ for the Lans. And if for some reason you don’t know what a “Lan” is, it is a Local Area Network where we play video games all in one room. So it is my job to make the posters and pick and play the music, basically all things media related. SO, the next Lan that we are having is Sept. 30th 2016, and if you have been around campus, then you might have seen this poster already on the TV’s around campus.


I did everything in Adobe Illustrator, and the design comes from the Lan being called “Rocket Lan.” I thought I would be appropriate to have images of space and from the game Rocket League. I went through several designs before the other officers said “whatever” so I guess I annoyed them until they said yes haha! Anyway, this is the final poster that I made.


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