Weekly Summary 05

This week I tried to be a good student for once and do my assignments early. It felt weird actually getting my work done early. And by that I meant some of the work. I was still crunched on time towards the end, however, I had a little extra time to breathe this time!

The first thing I did this week was that I reviewed why I thought audio in radio storytelling was important. I gave Moon Graffiti a listen and gave my thoughts on the subject. Then, for one of my Audio assigments from the bank I did, Clint Eastwood Has A Reason, where you take a song and dramatically read the lyrics while putting them to different music. The second audio assignment I did was I Don’t Think You Can Guess. This assignment was you were suppose to take your favorite song and edit the lyrics or singing out of it. The third audio assignment was Can You Guess? where you took six different sound clips from different songs and mashed them all together to have people guess. And finally, the last audio assignment I did was A Day of 16 Year Old Bri. This audio assignment was you had to read an entry from an old diary or journal you had when you were a teenager. I mean I still am a teenager but whatever.

This week I also tuned into the ds106 radio for their storytelling specials at 8pm. I didn’t get home until around 8:40ish but I didn’t forget to live tweet about it!! Speaking of twitter, for my daily creates I created a click bait headline for the ds106 syllabus. Then I “found a face” in my friend’s couch. And finally, I shared what sounds I hear from the vehicle I use to commute around work!

This week was pretty fun and I cant wait for what is in store for next week.


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