Can You Guess?

In this assignment, The Contest That Nobody Could Win, we were meant to “Take six very short fragments (less than one second each) from six different songs and ensemble them into a single piece.” Since I wanted to use songs that were already on my phone, AND that most people wouldn’t be able to guess most of the songs that are on my phone, some of the songs are pretty easy…Also another problem I ran into was, when I uploaded the project to Soundcloud, it won’t let me embed the “song” onto this website? I mean it’s no serious problem, for you can still listen to it here. But it did tick me off a little.

Anyway, for this project I used my laptop’s Garageband and inserted songs I already had in my iTunes. After that, I picked out small fragments of the songs and cropped off the rest of the song. Then I uploaded it to Soundcloud. I did have fun with this project seeing what parts of the song I thought would be too easy or too hard to guess. Other than the embed thing, I had fun.


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