A Day of 16 Year Old Bri

For this assignment, Teenage Angst, you were supposed to read an old diary or journal entry you wrote when you were a teenager. I mean I still am a teenager…but I did one from when I was 16 years old. In this assignment you were also supposedly supposed to read an entry when you were angsty. But since I wasn’t really an angsty teenager I just did a different one that is also important. Once again Soundcloud has let me down. They should lower me into the ground at my funeral so they can let me down one last time. Again I was unable to embed the track into this blog post, so you can view the track here. Here is even a picture of the original journal!


Ok so there are things you need to know about this entry. I talk about girls swimming which is my high school swim team and SAC is the Salina Aquatics Club which was a Salina swim team. Also, Nolan is my only sibling and is my older brother. The reason why I chose this entry was because this entry has my first impression of my brother’s now fiance! They are getting married October 2017!

To record this I used Garageband and just a pair of old earbuds. I felt like it didn’t need anything in the background because I change topics so fast they really wouldn’t make sense.


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