I Don’t Think You Can Guess

For this assignment, Favorite Song, the action was to take your favorite song, and remove the lyrics. Since the assignment said to use one of your favorite song I decided to use my actual #1 favorite song. You were also suppose to play only around 30 seconds of it so people could guess what song it is. However, since I HIGHLY doubt anyone could guess what song it is, I decided to include the whole song. I don’t think people could guess what it is since it’s not that popular of a song, not because it is poor quality. But, good luck trying to guess anyway. (Also, below the song I included a link to what the song actually is.)

This is what the song actually is. (DON’T CLICK UNTIL YOU GIVE UP)

What I did to (sort of) get rid of the lyrics was, I used Audacity. I tried several songs, but I think this is the one that turned out the best. I opened the song, clicked “Effects” and selected “Vocal Remover”. I also played with what frequencies worked the best, and this was the best I could do since I am still new to the audio world…Anyway, after that I cropped the beginning of the song so there wouldn’t be like 30 second of silence at the beginning. Then I just exported the song and uploaded it to Soundcloud.


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