Why Audio is Important!

Audio in storytelling is so important!! After listening to my favorite podcast, The Basement Yard, for coming up on a year now, I just got used to not hearing anything in the background. But then, after I listened to Moon Graffiti, it changed the whole game! I got so into the story that they were acting out. I felt like it was just like a movie, but without the visuals…obviously…Anyway, when I usually listen to The Basement Yard the main host usually tells stories about how his life is going at that time or just things that come to his mind. Listening to people who are basically putting on a show and have sounds in the back, are also really interesting! When I was reading the Audio Resources page, I thought that they made a good point. They said “Audio is effective when sounds generate stories in the minds of listeners– the audio you produce is not the whole story, it is in what the audio can evoke in the listener,” which I really agree with. Anyway, my point is that storytelling is interesting, but it is even more interesting with sounds in the back. I mean, I don’t think The Basement Yard should have sounds since they change the subject so much. That would be a lot of different sounds.