Clint Eastwood Has A Reason

In this assignment, Dramatic Reading Remix, we were assigned to take a song and dramatically read the lyrics. Then put them with different music to make it sound different. At first, I misread the instructions and dramatically read a songs lyrics to the song’s own music. I did Eye of the Tiger at first and then decided to change it up. Then I was trying to pick two songs that sort of “clash” I guess you could say. I wanted two different feelings of songs. I knew what music or instrumental song I wanted at the very beginning, but I was trying to find a song to go with it. So, here is what I made!

The songs I decided to use were, “Clint Eastwood” by Gorillaz for the music in the background, and “The Reason” by Hoobastank for the lyrics.

I am actually quite impressed that my voice recording turned out so well. For this assignment I used my earbuds microphone and my laptop’s Garageband. So, I even surprised myself on how well this turned out! Now down below is both of the originals:


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