Weekly Summary 04

Even though this week I had negative time to work on things. Like this week every moment that I had free time, I would be doing homework and I was still pretty crunched on time. It seems I say this every week, but that’s the college life I guess. If you take a break for 5 minutes, the next thing you know you’re failing 11 classes even though your only taking 5.

Anyway, enough on me complaining about my problems. This week was all about photography, and was the first time I actually had the chance to use a big fancy high quality camera. I mean we have a kind of fancy one at my parents house, but not one where you can manually focus an image. I read the article The Death of Photography and gave a review on it on my blog here. We are also lucky to have Jim Richardson live so close to us in Lindsborg, KS. I did a little bit of research on him and gave a response.

Then after reading some of his advice along with other’s advice, I went out and took my own photographs. Then I checked into the “Photoshop Phenomenon” and also gave my response to that as well.

As for my assignments from the assignment bank, I did two of them, because thats about all I had time for. Even though I didn’t have enough time as I wanted to work on them, I still enjoyed them. My first project was A Colorful Lighthouse where I photoshopped a image of a lighthouse an adjusted its color. The second project I did was My Travels through Italy where I made a slideshow type video with my photos from Italy.

In the twitter universe this week, I made some daily creates. In response to their dozen donuts, I sent a picture of a dozen office chairs. The second one I did was on Dot Day which is apparently a thing? I saw a speaker in the classroom that looked like it had dots on it. For the last one, they had a picture of the “phone” app on the iPhone and asked what this mysterious app was for, so I gave my response.

This week I actually communicated with other people. Instead of just “liking” their posts I actually left several comments. I replied to Kylie Heronemous and Alyssa Macaranas.

And that just about sums up what I did in the digital media world this week, hopefully I can have more time in the future. Haha