My “Backyard” Shoot

As this week I was crunched for time like no other, I couldn’t take my sweet ole time doing these pictures. However I did take some advice into account.

I started taking pictures in my backyard. And by “backyard” I mean around campus. And by “around campus” I mean a few from campus and most of them from my place of work being the Rolling Hills Zoo.

I took a lot of advice/tips into thought while I took these pictures. And by that, I mean I have been doing so much homework that I haven’t even eaten because that would take up too much time so I’m reading over the advice and hoping that some of my pictures that I have already taken will work.

The first of the tips that took into consideration was “When the weather turns wet, don’t stop exploring the color and texture around you. Backyard leaves and raindrops are the perfect subject to practice toning.” Which from this I took a lovely picture of a rose with some water on it. I always have loved how water droplets look on plant life.


The second thing I used was “When shooting in low light, take a breath and gently touch the shutter release to minimize camera shake.” This picture kept turning out blurry until I used this trick. I wanted to have all three of them in the same picture, but someone was always moving or it was me.dsc_0044

Unfortunately, those are the only two I remembered for sure and used. Although I didn’t use a lot of techniques, I sure did have a lot of fun taking pictures with an actual high quality camera! I would love to do it again!

Also, I hope you don’t mind that my “willing subject” was the beautiful snow leopard, Gobi! The natural light looks great on him!dsc_0095