The “Death” of Photography

In this post I am going to be reflecting to The Death of Photography by Stuart Jeffries from The Guardian.

In many ways I agree with Jeffries. I have many memories of going to events and not really remembering it, however I also have other memories that I highly recorded yet still remember clearly. Maybe it’s how much you are actually paying attention to the event. I have gone to rock concerts and forgotten some, but when I went to Italy I can still see a clear image of all that I saw, as well as photographed.

I’m sort of medium when it comes to randomly taking pictures and thinking one of them will turn out okay. I think that is because I am still from the generation where we had one family camera with film in it. You couldn’t go around taking pictures willy nilly. You took one and maybe two to make sure at least one of them turned out alright. I still remember the camera we had. it was a black point and shoot camera. I also remember the first digital camera we got. I think I was about in middle school. Anyway, I thought it was the coolest thing to have a camera where you would take a picture and see what it looks like right after. I also remember in elementary school when we would go on field trips to the zoo or something, my mom would always get me a disposable camera, and I would ration those pictures like NO other. I usually ended up taking like 10 pictures out of the 25 because I didn’t want to waste them. Kind of like how I don’t like to use stickers. I never use them, because I can never decide where to put them. WHAT IF I CHANGE MY MIND? I CAN’T CHANGE IT?  Anyway, back to the point. When I take pictures I usually try to make it focus the best it can and take a couple, more for the other people. Like what if someone what blinking? I usually just take 2 or 3.

I don’t think photography is “dying”. I feel like people are just saying that because now that everyone has a camera, professional photographers aren’t as needed, but we still need them. In the article, it talks about how well  the iPhone takes pictures. I actually think the iPhone takes great pictures, and that’s coming from a person who has an outdated iPhone. The new iPhone 6 or even newer to come out the iPhone 7 have GREAT camera quality. Anyway, getting back to why I think that iPhone cameras are fine. I took all of my Italy pictures on my iPhone and they turned out awesome! I mean look at some of these!

Anyway, I don’t think photography is “dying” per-say. I would more say it is going in a different direction. Kind of like how back in the day only big companies had computers and then everyone got one. Well, only professional photographers had the nice high quality fancy cameras, and now everyone can take an equally high quality picture on their phone.