Is Photoshop a Big Deal?

Now days, you probably can’t find a magazine on the shelf that doesn’t have a photoshopped picture in it. It’s human nature to correct our imperfections. Personally, I don’t have a problem with it because I know it’s not real. However, for mothers out there that have their children looking at these pictures and being influenced not knowing the difference can be a problem. They’ll grow up thinking that is how you are suppose to look, when in reality you probably wouldn’t even recognize the model of the photo on the streets. So, I see how it’s a problem in today’s society, but in my own opinion (which I know the internet is not the best place to be sharing your opinion but still) it’s not a problem to me. Maybe when I have my own children I’ll care? But right now photoshop being used in media is the least of my worries…I mean I’m going to have to vote for Hillary or Trump…I got bigger problems.