Weekly Summary 03

In the spirit of this being the 1946 week, the pictures are of my grandfather, Victor Backhus who fought in WWII. I remember he wasn’t shy to tell stories of his time in service and would speak of them often. However, sadly he passed away August 8, 2009.

This week has pretty busy for me, especially toward the weekend. Thursday I drove down to Wichita for my best friends birthday, Friday I already had a movie night planned with my friends, and Saturday I worked all day and then stopped by my parents house to have dinner with my mom. After all of that I was pretty tired. I couldn’t wait to catch up on Sunday and get all of my much needing to be done homework through. However, Sunday morning, my boss texted me saying one of my  coworkers was sick with the flu and needed me since we are so short on staff. So I decided to go help out at work. And actually that is what I am doing currently. I am typing this while at work. Even though the internet is a bit slow it is getting the job done.

Okay, now on to what I did Digital Media wise. I “read” the article, As We May Think, and then added a response to what I thought about the article. I also did some of the ds106 daily creates. I “wrote” a poem, I saw a doorknob that you probably wouldn’t want to open, and thought of a new top level domain name. I also explored the DS106 Assignment Bank and picked out two to do. The first one I did was a video assignment where I had to reverse a regular everyday video. And the second one I did was a Fanfic assignment where I had to create your own character. Since I have the bravery of a chicken nugget, and have not yet broken out of my social shell yet, I didn’t get a chance to comment on anyone else’s post. However, I did “like” some of them and that is a real big step for me. I just don’t like when you do something online when it gives the other person a notification and then they’ll look at my page…now that I typed that out and thought about it, it sounded dumb. I just didn’t get a chance to give any comments yet.