Progressive Thinking

I am going to be discussing what I thought about the article “As We May Think.”

As I “read” this article, it was really hard for me to focus in on it. It was just so long! So as I skimmed it there were some good points in there. Mostly, I would like to talk about the “memex.” With the way technology is moving, I wouldn’t think that having something like the memex would be that far off. I mean now days we already have special desks like it, we it’s need to give it a massive memory. In the article it said that it would take you hundreds of years of storing 5000 pages a day to fill the memory up. Now that is a lot of memory! Computers now days are getting more and more memory space, but I think we are a long ways off from getting that far. Plus you’d store all of your books in the memex, that would also take up a lot of room. Another question that I thought of is how would you charge it, or would it even need to be charged?? Only the future knows I guess.