Creating a Person (Kind of feel like a parent now…)

For this post we are going to be talking about Getting to Know, Decim Peters.

For one of my other assignments I decided to do the fanfic assignment “Creating Your Own Character.” For this assignment, you needed to create your own character. At first I thought this was going to be easy like, “Oh just write a few fake details about a fake person down. No big deal.” It turns out, it was way harder than I thought. It was hard just to come up with the same let alone everything else.

At first I had to decide the name. I already knew that I wanted either “Decim” or “Ryner”. I have always thought these names were cool, so I wanted to incorporate them somehow. I ended up picking “Decim” and that was the easy part, the hard part was trying to pick a middle and last name. I tried the last name first and after about a century of thinking I gave up and went to a character name generator. Now I know what you’re thinking, “but that’s cheating.” Trust me, I only used it to come up with “Peters”. For the middle name I kind of just made “Jon” up on the spot, and called it good.

For the rest of the characters traits, I did come up with them on my own. I just sat there and thought about what kind of a person that I would get along with. I was basically creating someone that I would probably be friends with. So I guess you could say that his character is somewhat influenced by me.

I didn’t use any special equipment for this one. I just typed it here on my blog. So, no other resources were used, I guess except for that name generator…