A Reversed Cookie

For one of my assignments I decided to do the video assignment “Play it Backward, Jack.” For this assignment, it was thought that normal everyday things look weird when they are played backward. The action of the assignment was to take a video of something in your life and reverse the video. I thought, “Instead of going out and filming something specifically for this, why not look through what videos I already have.” So, I went to my phone and looked through several videos that would look cool, and then reversed them on my computer. For example, I tried out a video where my friends and I dropped a water balloon on another friends head, and I also tried the video I took at the Bennington Rodeo this summer. I looked over them, and then realized that they were filmed in portrait mode instead of landscape mode, so I decided on my cat, Cookie, jumping onto the table instead. I mean, it still looks pretty cool.

My process was, since I have a Macbook, I used iMovie as the video software. I imported my video, selected it, double-clicked, and clicked the reverse button. When I reversed it, it still didn’t seem quite right. I felt it was also a little too fast to enjoy the weird backwardness, so I also slowed the video down 50%. Then I saved it, and uploaded it to Youtube.