Weekly Summary 02

This week we learned all about copyright and, in my opinion, how unfair it is. On Tuesday we watched most of “Rip! A ReMix Manifesto” in class, and realized just how unfair copyright laws are. Creativity is based off existing material. Back in the day people created off of each other. Now days, if you want to create off of someone you get caught up in a lawsuit and will most likely lose because of all the big companies out there that basically trash on the little guys.

I read two articles and reviewed them on what I thought about them.

Katy Perry’s Left Shark and DeadMau5

I also watched “Everything is a Remix” and reflected on what ideas I thought about this short film and “Rip! A ReMix Manifesto”

Is it right to Copyright?

Lastly, I looked at “10 Ways to Share Your Creativity and Get Discovered” and shared the ideas that stuck with me.

What I got