Katy Perry’s Left Shark and DeadMau5

Katy Perry and the Left Shark

I LOVED the Katy Perry article!! This is exactly what I’m talking about. All these big companies trying to pick on the little guys. As I went through the article, I was kind of ticked off at the Katy Perry lawyers, thinking “who even cares if he sells them?” and then when I read the second letter defending the vendor, I was in tears! It was SO funny reading his comebacks! Even though I don’t know what happened in the end, I do know that the lawyer to the vendor is a part-time professor, Full-Time Savage.


Mickey Mouse VS Deadmau5

I also read the Mickey Mouse VS Deadmau5 article. Don’t get me wrong I love me my classic disney movies, but Disney is just getting ridiculous, thinking of any excuse to make money or put someone in the ground…They spend so much time trying to figure out if they can, and don’t stop once to think about if they should…I don’t know, maybe this article just hit a little closer to home, since I actually like Deadmau5 and was insulted to know that Disney is being even more petty than ever… Plus I also kind of turned this “reflection” into a rant, but that’s how i feel.