Is it right to Copyright?

I learned quite a few things from watching “Rip! A ReMix Manifesto” and “Everything is a Remix”. First I would like to say that I liked “Everything is a Remix” a lot better because it was clean and had good content that had me interested. Now on the the review, the creators had the same view of “Almost everything is copied. Big companies just use it to get money and nothing can be created. Content builds off of the content that came previous.” I’m pretty sure everyone would agree that the big companies are just being jerks, and the only ones that would disagree would be the big companies. The content that is created is inspired by previous content. ALL CREATIVITY NEEDS AN INFLUENCE! Most people can’t think of 100% original content, it’s nearly impossible. Even Star Wars isn’t 100% original! These films have shown me just how much creators copy and influence off of each other. I would highly encourage someone to use someone else’s work for inspiration, but don’t completely copy exactly what they did. All in all, just be careful.