My Internet Story

There has been internet for my entire life. From August 1, 1997 until now I have always had internet. I may not have always known how to use it, but it was still there. When I was little I remember I would play on our computer with my CD-ROM games most of the time, I didn’t use the internet that much back then. Also, with the speed of the internet back then, I don’t think I wanted to. However, from the little memories I have, I remember that I would get in trouble if my parents or older brother wanted to use the phone, and I didn’t understand why I needed to get off the computer when they wanted to call someone.

My most clear memory I have about the internet is my childhood friend, Megan, and I were about 6 or 7 and we were goofing around in my basement where our computer was. My brother had been on the computer, but then left to go to a basketball game with my dad and granddad. Anyway, somehow we ended up AOL messaging my brothers friend, pretending to be my brother. It was fun until my brothers friend messaged that he was coming over, to which our response as little kids was, “this is the end of the world.” So, we panicked and ended up telling him that it wasn’t my brother and everything was fine. Not such an exciting story, I know, but I guess that was also the first time I pretended to be someone else on the internet.