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For this project, the assignment I chose to go with was the “Impress Me” route, where the assignment was to simply impress my professor. It took a while to actually think of what I wanted to do. To be honest I went to youtube to look for inspiration. My inspiration for this project comes from Andrew Huang. He makes a lot of genres of music with a lot of different instruments, including things that aren’t instruments like pants and balloons. I thought of what I could use in my dorm room to make a song, and then thought it might be a little too challenging to use non instrumental things. So, it is a good thing I just had a ukulele just in my room to use. I decided on doing the Lost Woods song from the Legend of Zelda franchise because I actually already know how to play that song without all of the jump cuts. So, how I recorded it was I just played the song REALLY freaking slow and then chopped it all up. Now here is the finished project!

The way I made this was using the basic software because I really haven’t gotten around actually buying any software because I could still make the project just fine while using the basic software. Anyway, I used a mixture of iMovie (for the visuals) and GarageBand (for the audio….obviously)

I first recorded myself playing the song (and other parts of the song) and then loaded it onto my computer. Then I used iMovie to cut it down to what footage I actually wanted. Then I tried to match the ukulele with the original song tempo and such (In GarageBand….obviously). THEN, I went back to iMovie and then tried to match up the footage with the sounds. The only thing that I dislike about iMovie is that it only allows you to have two videos going at the same time…So I tried to get the most out of it. I still think it came out okay for not really having experience doing something like this before. All in all I had a great time making this final project!

Weekly Summary 12

This week was all about Mashups, and doing Mashup assignments.

First, I made a video where I took two songs and mashed them together (The “ABC” Savage Mashup). Then, I Photoshopped a mashup of all my favorite sports teams (Royals, Nets, and Wildcats..oh my). And then finally I took a video that was not originally in english and put made up english subtitles on it (Misheard).

Second, this week we needed to make a tutorial on a project that we have done or did this week. I decided to make a tutorial on how I made my A Reversed Cookie project. I actually more of made a tutorial on how to reverse a video in iMovie (How to Reverse a video on Mac in 6 Easy Steps (With Photos))

For my daily creates this week I did Batman in the White House , and made a still life with red items.

How to Reverse a video on Mac in 6 Easy Steps (With Photos)

If you would like to reverse a video on a Mac, it is SUPER easy! Here is how to do it in 6 steps with pictures.


1.) Open iMovie, and click “Create” and then click “Movie”.

2.) Click “Import” and select the video that you would like to use.screen-shot-2016-11-14-at-2-07-50-pm

3.) Click the selected video from that top and drag it down to the bottom.


4.) Left click on the video, and select “Show Speed Editor”.


5.) Double-click that little dot on the top-right corner of the video.

6.) Click “Reverse” and you are done. You have reversed the video!

Royals, Nets, and Wildcats..oh my

For this assignment, Your Favorite Teams Mashup, you were meant to create a mashup picture with your favorite team logos on them. Since most of my favorite team don’t really even have a physical mascot (except for the wildcats) I decided to make Willie the Wildcat the main part here. My favorite teams on this picture shown are, Kansas State Wildcats, Kansas City Royals, and the Brooklyn Nets. I used Photoshop to edit together and this project was pretty fun!


P.S. sorry that the Willie is a little fuzzy, I tried to find a large photo that wasn’t blurry/fuzzy, but with no luck this was the best I could do….

The “ABC” Savage Mashup

In this assignment, Vocal Instrumental Mashup, we were meant to take the music from one song a pair it with another song’s vocals. I had a lot of fun with this one, but I think that one of the hardest parts was trying to find songs that have about the same tempo so they can go together. For my mashup I used The Jackson 5’s “ABC” and Jay Park’s “Mommae”. I also used iMovie because I wanted to have the video showing to have Michael Jackson (and brothers) dancing with the music. I had a fun time making this assignment, and wouldn’t mind doing it again in the future sometime.