German Snack/candy review

Welcome to this review! I’ll just have you know before hand that I put some of the dates that I tried the items on the review, but I also couln’t remember some of the dates, so that’s what that is.

Rating system:

0-1: Tastes like shit, I can’t even finish it

2: mmmm not my favorite, but I could eat it if you give it to me

3: Average, it just tastes normal

4: I need more of this



Ritter Sport Knusperkeks: It’s like a graham cracker covered in chocolate…I LOVE IT. Especially since it has “real” chocolate and not the Hershey’s stuff I’m used to. You guys have a lot more choices of crackers and wafers in your chocolate. Here we just have the Kit Kat candy and that’s really it.

Rating: 4/5


Milka Individually wrapped things: Alright I had my mom try this one at the same time as me and this is the exact quote she said, “It’s like milk chocolate with some…it’s good… really chocolaty.” As for me, I can confirm it is really chocolaty haha It just tastes like good chocolate.

Rating: 3/5


Lindt Hello Strawberry Cheesecake: You can definitely tell it tastes like cheesecake. I like cheesecake, but it’s not my favorite. I guess I was expecting it to be creamy inside, but it was sort of flaky. Mostly because when I opened it, it crumbled into about 15 pieces…but I’m sure that’s not your fault haha I also had my mom try this one.

Mom: “mmm pretty good. REALLY SWEET *cough* I need water.”

Me: What would you rate this?

Mom: “Uuuummmmm 2”

Me: A 2? Isn’t that a bit harsh?

Mom: Yeah well, I’m a harsh critic

I actually kind of agree with my mom, 2.5/5. It’s good and I can eat it, but I don’t think I’ll eat the whole thing in one go…which is probably a good thing!


Tender roll thing: This one is good! It is like these things we have here called “Ho Hos” or “Swiss Rolls” but I like this version better! It had more cake in it rather than the cream like American snacks. Plus yours has fruit stuff in it!

A solid 4/5, I definitely need more of these!!

Mom: “I like it. Two thumbs up. I give it 4/5”

The American kind we have



Toblerone: I love this!! Actually, we have this in America, but it’s REALLY expensive so I’ve never had it before. And the ones they have here are way smaller than the one you sent me. Seriously where did you find one so big!? I think the small ones here have to be at least $5 or more. Anyway, I could eat this whole thing in one go. I’m not though because I’m 100% sure I’m going to be sick if I do that haha And the box is super interesting. Rating 5/5

Mom: “Oh I’ve had this before but it’s been soooooo long. *takes a bite* ohhh mmhmm that’s some good chocolate right there. Definitely a 5/5”



Chipsfrisch Potato Chip lookin things: Ok I have a weird habit of smelling chips the second I open the bag and when I smelled these chips they smelled really familiar but I couldn’t put my finger on it. It took me a while, but I finally realized they smell just like the treats we give my dog! haha After I tried them, they taste really good! They taste like our barbeque flavor here. I was expecting it to be spicy because it has a little pepper on the front but it’s not at all. Mmmmmm 4/5



Kinder Bueno: HOLY SHIIIIT! Ok, when I was in Italy I had these and totally forgot about these!! I loved these when I was in Europe!! Automatic 6/5 MUY BUENO



These things [I don’t even know what to call them]: I don’t even know where to start? I thought this would be like rice crispies or something. Just be crispy and then taste like nothing, but it was weirdly tangy????? I am so confused????????

Rating: 3??/5


Ahoj-Brause drink stuff: Woah, I was expecting something like kool-aid or just water flavoring, but it actually somewhat turned into a soft drink?! I actually used Google translate on the instructions to make sure I was doing it right. So, just so you know I tried.

Rating: 3/5



Nippon: Holy shiiiiit this is good. It’s like a Quaker rice cake, BUT WITH CHOCOLATE!! I probably shouldn’t have eaten them all in one go…my bad. I’m kidding, I didn’t eat them allllll in one go…it was in three goes haha

Rating: 4/5



Lindt Hello Cookies & Cream: Holy shiiiiiit this is much better than the Strawberry cheesecake one!! I mean the description is exactly like the SC one, except this one is soooooo good!

Rating: 4/5



Kinder Schokolade: Ahhhh two good things in a row!! I mean, besides the creepy looking boy on the front this stuff is really good! Plus I love how it comes in these little bars and a nice box. Oh, that’s another thing. Almost all of the packaging for your snacks are super nice! Like they are either fancy boxes or really easy to open. Anyway…

Rating: 4.5/5



Schokokränze: Now this one…We have a similar candy here in America called “Sno-Caps” that are smaller and more like chocolate chips but they also have those round sprinkles on top. These are flatter and taste almost identical. Kind of like…really old chocolate. Maybe because you sent this over a month ago, WHO KNOWS!

Rating: 3/5


Our version




Package looked like that when I took it out of the package haha We had one casualty…rip

Domino Star: mmmm I don’t think I need more of these…The first bite was so……weird. I guess I was expecting chocolates like we have here where they are filled with different things like orange or strawberry filling/cream but I never would have guessed there would be jello in this or “gelatin” I should say. Ah, it was so weird tasting all together like that, but all 3 things were pretty eatable if I ate them separately by layers.

Rating: 2/5



E.Wedel white chocolate stuff: AHH this is really good!! I have never had caramel and white chocolate or any chocolate really in one bar before! Of course, I’ve had it in a bar before but they weren’t mixed together. It would just be chocolate with some caramel inside it, but this is just one solid bar and it’s SO GOOOOOD!! I almost ate this whole thing in one go…ALMOST! I have at least some self-control.

Rating: 4.5/5



Mr. Tom: Mmm these are good. It kind of just tastes like a granola bar except with no granola and just peanuts. Still very good and messy. I took one bite and I swear it broke into 45 pieces!

Rating: 3.5/5

Ok after this, I don’t know the dates I tried these because I would try it and just didn’t write about it. UNTIL NOW!


I don’t even know what to call this, there are so many words on it…let’s go with cow milk thing: When I opened one I thought it was going to be like a caramel. I thought it was going to be chewy, but when I ate one and it’s super sugary. The texture at least. I mean, the taste is super sugary too, I can only have one before I’ve had enough because of a sugar overload! Although, I do love these! I’m trying not to eat these as fast so I can make them last a little longer. Also, when I’m done I can use it as a piggy bank. Does that mean I have to get rid of my current one?

Rating: 4/5

Milka Alpenmilch: You see, I’m a very plain person. I don’t need anything special in the chocolate bar, just plain chocolate is fine, like with this. SO GOOD. Compared to the American Hershey’s bar that I’m used to, this is much better. But I already had those expectations when I tried it. Oh well.

Rating: 4/5

Milka Marzipan-Crème: Seeing that you sent two of these, I’m assuming you like these haha. I mean, I guess I’m experiencing the same thing you did when you said some of the stuff I sent you had weird tasting filling. I mean, it’s still good…somewhat haha I think this is one of those items where, yeah, I would eat it if you gave it to me, but I’m not going to go to the store and purposefully buy this.

Rating: 3/5


Yeah, I opened these and tried it before I took a picture…

Marzipan Kartoffeln: Hmmmm I don’t even have words. This is definitely one of those things for me where it tastes weird so I put it away. Then I forget what it was like and have another one, and go “oh yeah…” Again, marzipan is…weird, but I definitely like having it in chocolate better and not in one solid mass of a ball. Definitely weird…

Rating: 2/5


…..I ate most of these before I took the picture. Also, do you notice the repair job I had to do to the box. It must have gotten squashed in the box while being shipped here and I had to tape the bottom and tear off some of the top.

duplo: These…are so good. They are like Kit Kats, except better! And there are so many of them! I appreciate that you got the big pack because I needed more than one. They are a perfect size too. I don’t quite think God himself created these, but…

Rating: 4.99/5


nimm2: First, what is it with your packaging and having creepy people looking at me on the package. Anyway, these remind me of these candies that about every old lady has at the bottom of her purse. And I’m assuming “vitaminen” means vitamin, so are you trying to get me healthy? So I can have healthy organs. So you can kill me and harvest my organs?! But ok back to the review, these really do remind me of a generic hard fruit candy with filling on the inside. Good though.

Rating: 3/5

Ok….I think that is all of them. I don’t know, sometimes I would try them and tell myself “I’ll take a picture and review it later” and then I’d forget. Like a few of the wrappers that were just open because I tried them before I took the picture. Whoo, I’m finally done!!



I guess I’ll write something here if I ever feel like writing something again, or if I ever need a website again…